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The Vortex Fountain Waterfall KIT $229
(Free Domestic Shipping)

Just drop the KIT into your own bottom pot or waterproof container, or pond.

Items Included

  • 8 x 12 " glass

  • Pump Cage

  • Cage lid

  • Pump

  • LED light​

  • Connecting hose (not shown here)

VaseMarket 8x12 glass with dimensions.jpg
Funnel half formed.JPG
Vortex Inside Funnel.JPG

Customize your Vortex Fountain
with endless ideas!

Votex Fountain Red Copper Pot.jpg

Choose any waterproof pot to drop the KIT into

Use any waterproof pot with a minimum 6 gallon capacity. For tall pots, place an overturned smaller pot inside of the tall container. Then place the KIT of top of the smaller pot. 

Just remember to maintain the water level above the pump.

Vortex Fountain KIT.jpg

The Vortex Fountain Waterfall KIT

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Vortex Fountain Pyramid Pot Night View.jpg

Add decorative rocks or stones

Add decorative rocks, fake plants, or anything waterproof to your fountain.

Caution: Do not place any items inside the glass.


Vortex in France 2.jpg
Vortex pond night view.jpg
Vortex in France.jpg

Share your unique customizing ideas with the Artist

Vortex my house.jpg

Displays beautifully outdoors

A great addition to any patio or outdoor space. 

Avoid placing near shedding trees or folliage.

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Vortex Singapore.JPG
Night View

Night View

The perfect nightlight and tranquil water sounds to fall asleep to.

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Vortex Fountain Waterfall with LED cropped.jpeg

Glass stones or marbles reflect light

Customize your lighting with aquarium lights, led lights, spotlights or a regular table lamp.

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