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Today my life and career in the visual arts encompasses everthing from mixed media to painting, sculpting, wood-carving, water feature design and most recently digital art.

Growing up I was not particurly involved in the visual arts. Most of my creative energy was channeled into performance art. I am certain I must have always possessed the ability, yet throughout my childhood the walls of my room bore no evidence of an artist’s presence. 

I was in my early 20's when I got my first paying job as a visual artist in my hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts, where I worked as a courtroom sketch artist for the nightly news.  Although the money was good, the monotony and depressing energy of courtrooms  quickly wore thin for me.  I vowed that I would only pursue art as a profession if it was creatively fulfulling. It would be nearly twenty years later before I would discover my true passions.

 Today I continue to work in several  mediums, but am most drawn to those that revolve around nature, (wood, water and landscape design). I am truly grateful to the staff at the Arboretum for utilizing local artists to recycle and beautify again rare storm damaged trees from around the world that would have been wasted.

Art by definition is transforming what is available into something useful and beautiful. What is more readily available than nature?

      I believe that as artists we are the creators of nothing, but are simply the vessels for whatever the universe chooses to channel through us. Don’t believe that?  Then someone please explain to me how a three year old can play Bethoven....Hmmmm!



Through God All Things Are Possible…..Just Believe!

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