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The Vortex Fountain Waterfall KIT is a unique, versatile water fountain that can be displayed in any waterproof, 6 gallon min. capacity pot, or in a pond.

What's included?

  • One 12"x 8" glass container with spout

  • Pump cage 

  • Pump lid

  • 550 GPH pump

  • LED Color changing light bar​

  • 3" connective hose (not shown)

Vortex Fountain Waterfall KIT

SKU: 364215376135191
2 Ounces
Color: Black
  • The VORTEX FOUNTAIN WATERFALL (KIT) is a unique indoor\outdoor water feature that simulates the movement of a real volcano and a waterfall simultaneously. As the water rises inside the glass container it creates a water tornado. Once it reaches the rim and spills over the sides, it becomes a waterfall: A tornado inside of a waterfall.



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