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The African King is a mixed media relief, comprised of hand-carved clay, wood frame, african mudcloth, or afro-centric fabric and authentic and\or african inspired jewelry.


The African King

SKU: 217537123517253
Size: One size
  • The African King is the combined commanding force of power in man and beast. The left half of the face is represented by the strong precense of an African King. The right side of the face represents the king of the jungle: noneother than the mighty lion. The lion half is made of clay and covered in realistic fur. His huge majestic mane is made of carefully blended shades of brown, yellow and red synthetic hair. The human half bears a realistic beard and skin tone. He comes mounted on authentic african mudcloth fabric and shadowboxed with optional lighting. Right down to his whiskers, The African King is regal beyond words and will be the subject of conversation in any setting.

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