THROUGH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE....JUST BELIEVE!



 I live my life as a multi-medium artist: a painter, sculptor, wood-carver, singer/song-writer and performer. I have no doubt that I have been an artist since birth. I can remember being the first nominated to design the class bulletin board every holiday in elementary school. However the passion that would awaken the artist 'n' me would lay dormant until around 1998. Throughout my childhood and long into adulthood, the walls of my home bore little evidence of an artist's precense.

Growing up, most of my creativity was focused on singing and performing, which I still do today. It wouldn't be until my early twenties that I would get my first paying art job as a courtroom sketch artist for the nightly news in my hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts. Although the money was decent, the depressing atmosphere in courtrooms soon wore me thin. I vowed that I would only become a professional artist if I could find my niche and become truely inspired. It would be nearly twenty years later that I would discover my signature styles.

My introduction to the world of professional art began in Los Angeles, California in 1999, at the African American Art & Film Festival, as a mixed-media sculptor of three-dimensional ceramic faces mounted in frames. The images are males, females, and combinations of humans and animals. They are hand-sculpted and painted in blended shades of browns, reds and yellows, to resemble real skin. Through these images I pay homage to my African ancestors who were kings and queens.

Each creation is a signed and numbered limited edition. My intent has always been to create an image to represent every one of my ancestors who endured the atrocities of slavery, which numbered in the thousands, if not millions. God willing I will be on the planet long enough to fulfill this dream. I am grateful for the ability and the priviledge to communicate with their spirits and pray that through my work I give them the respect they so deserve. As artists I believe that we are the creators of nothing. We simply recycle what already exists in the universe.